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Armour and Company Packing House in Fort Worth Texas circa 1904


Philip Danforth Armour


Armour and Company was an American meatpacking company founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1867 by Philip Danforth Armour (1832-1901), By 1880, Armour and Company was Chicago's most important business and helped make the city and its Union Stock Yards the center of the American meatpacking industry. Armour and Company was the first company to produce canned meat and also one of the first to employ an "assembly-line" technique in its factories.


In the early 1920s, Armour encountered financial troubles and the Armour family sold its majority interest to financier, Frederick H. Prince. The firm retained its position as one of the largest American firms through the Great Depression and the sharp increase in demand in World War II.


delivery truck awaiting its morning haul at the Armour and Company's loading dock in Chicago


Armour & Company advertisement by the artist Albert Guillaume


In 1948, Armour, which made soap for years as a by-product of the meatpacking process, introduced the first deodorant soap, Dial, which became as strong a seller as its meat products, and eventually the company renamed itself the Armour-Dial Corporation.


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Armour and Company Packing House

Elliot Sadler posing with the Armour Racing car